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1What is the size of our truck?
10 footer, 14 and 24 footer covered truck.
2Do you move piano?
Yes, we move pianos almost every day such as upright pianos, baby grand pianos and even grand pianos.
3How long does it take to receive a quote after a site survey?
Typically within the same day of site survey.
4Can I book a moving date before site survey and quotation?
No. We need to know the total hours and manpower we need to complete your move after your site survey. All slots are on a first-come-first-served basis.
5Can I change my moving date after confirmation?
Of course, let us know 1 week in advance to avoid unnecessary penalty fees.
6How do I use the materials provided?
Carton box - For your non-breakable loose items e.g. books, plushies, folded clothes Bubble-wrap - For your fragile items e.g. vase, fruit bowl. to be loaded into boxes Newsprint - For your smaller fragile items to be loaded into boxes e.g. plates, mugs

Please do not wrap your bulky items e.g. sofa, table, dressing table with the provided materials. We will take care of your bulky items for you on the day of the move.


Don’t see your question here? Get in touch with us, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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  • Elin Boh

    Rated highly for: Value, Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness

    Excellent and highly recommend moving service. My family used a total of 180 boxes and have many fragile items in the house. From 5 vintage grandfather clocks to a hundred of bottles of wine, everything was packed extremely well with the help of their staff. There were 6 moving trucks and we were able to uproot and move in under 8 hours; including halting due to heavy rain. Another notable quality is staff were energetic and proactive even though we have a basement, level one, level two, attic, and not a single complaint from any of them. It’s commendable that not a single box or furniture was out of place. Additionally, staff were extremely careful with not scratching the floor.

  • Travels with my laptop

    Fast, professional, great communications.

    They were fabulous- very professional in communication up front and when they arrived there were 11 guys with all the rolling and packaging needs all there. I showed them what I wanted moved, and where they needed to put it (labels) and they emptied out nearly 50 boxes, plus a standing keyboard and a mattress in 10 minutes flat. From when they arrive to when they left was less than 45 minutes. (Granted I was moving within the same building)

    Very impressed and would absolutely use them again. I've used other services who complained and kept trying to add charges to my tab, while here all the charges were upfront and negotiated.

    Plus they recycle boxes! How cool is that?

    Thank you Elite Movers!

  • Teresa Tay

    Professional movers. Price is not too bad and their staff are very professional and helpful. The staff who came to move were very professional and took great care of our furniture. Highly recommended!