Commercial Checklist

Checklist for Commercial or Office moves by Elite Movers in Singapore

Please take this Checklist as the starting point to build your plan and not as the comprehensive definitive list. We hope that this will assist you to make your Commercial/Office move a pleasant one.

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Planning is Key

Start by appointing a Move Manager and a committee. Set the date for the first meeting and define the scope.

Do your basic home work as soon as possible;
1. Survey all the items that need to be moved, list them in a spreadsheet.
2. List all the services that you need to stop, relocate or add.
3. Visit the new Commercial/Office premises and obtain a dimensioned layout of the floor plan and take photographs.
4. Talk with all your department heads and discuss if new furniture or other items will be needed.
5. Will items like old files be put into alternative storage? Will old equipment be disposed and will new equipment be procured?
6. Call in Movers including Elite Movers and have discussions about timing, dates, access to buildings, insurance, lift and floor protection and cost.
7. Make allowance for restoration of you old office to how it was before you took it over
8. Build a plan in a spreadsheet of Project tool.
9. Build a budget
10. Report back to Management and obtain Budget approval

It is important that you make a summary in writing for each meeting of all that was discussed and information that was provided and obtain confirmation as all aspects need to be added to the plan. Changing offices often seems like a good time to change the old coping machine, install a compactor or upgrade the computer server. If this is agreed then put it in the plan and ensure the extra effort is also included.

Planning Stage 2 layout of the New Commercial or Office Premises and Services

1. Layout:

Now take a look at the furniture, file cabinets, compactors, printer desks, tables and chairs and put them on a layout plan. Tools like Viso or Word can be used to do a dimensioned diagram. If you have workstations that will be moved then these are standard sizes. However maybe that column that cannot be moved is in the wrong place for your standard furniture. It will save a lot of time in coming up to speed at the new premises if the office/desk layout is correct on the move day.

If you are not completely open plan you will need to include the building of offices, pantries, storage rooms and meeting rooms.

Note: Included in the layout plan are the number of power points and computer connection points you require at each Workstation/Desk. For a workstation that has 1*computer, 2*screens, 1*phone, printer, a shredder, backup disk and a fan, that is 8 power outlets. For a new installation you should allow for 10 sockets, 2 extra. The user may also have a laptop. We would also recommend that you allow for at least two computer connection points as one for the PC, one for the printer and what about the laptop.

Into this layout discussion you can bring in WiFi for computer connection. Note that the ratio for each WiFi point is approximately 50 connections per wireless access point. However based on your security policy you may allow each person to connect their own devices, its not unusual for a person to have a mobile phone, a tablet and a laptop. So each person in the company creates 3 connections to a WiFi point. So each WiFi point connects about twenty people.

2. Services Planning Checklist;

Service planning is important because it could set the date you can move. Some services can take approximately six weeks to change. So it a top priority to review in the Planing stage. Here is a list of services that you may or may not use depending on your circumstances;
a. Power Services
b. Phone and Fax services
c. Internet connection services
d. Copier services
e. IT services
f. Coffee Services
g. Water Services
h. Plant Services
i. Magazines and Newspapers services
j. Courier Services
k. Stationary Services
l. Refuse Collection Services
m. Cleaning Services
n. Credit Card Payment machines
o. Other

It will be time consuming communicating dealing with these vendors especially if you are changing the supplier with long forgotten deposits that maybe involved and equipment that may need to be returned.

Other items need to be planned like:
- new business cards,
- stationary
- set up arrangements with Singapore Post to redirect mail
- all your suppliers and customers need to be advised of your companies new address.

Pre move Activities in the Office

1. Staff Communicatio

With detail planning substantially complete you need to communicate the detailed Layout and any change to Services to the staff as appropriate. The timetable also needs to be communicated.

2. New Site Preparation

The new Commercial/Office site needs to be provisioned, this can take 2 to 6 weeks, with physical offices to be built, cabling for desks, plumbing for pantry, door access systems, location of shared printers and fax machines, meeting room tables, computer closets, compactors, safes, video systems and special rooms.

3. Process for Moving

Packing will probably take about 2 to 4 weeks and some functions like accounting need to plan for payment cycles.

4. Cleaning and Rubbish Removal Process

Company's normally request that Staff take the time to clean their desks and files cabinets of unnecessary and old files and so trash bins or bags are provided so that these can be taken away and the materials destroyed

5. Staff pack up their Desk

Staff are issued with a number of boxes, tape and labels and they typically requested to pack, seal and label their boxes with some labeling system that allows the Mover to deliver the boxes to their new desk/workstation in the new Commercial/Office premises

6. Pre Issue of access cards to the new Premises

Staff would typically be pre-issued with access cards for the new Commercial/Office premises and some would be requested to be involved on the day to coordinate the placement of furniture and reassembly of workstations, PC's, printers and the boxes for their department.

7. Disposal Services

At this stage your may have determined that you have equipment, furniture and other office items (Safes?) that are not longer required and need to be disposed. Talk with you Mover, company's like Elite Movers have relationships and process in place for destruction of disks and disposal of furniture items.

8. Pre move Communication

Update the staff with a list of contact people and roles during the move and any finally details that the should know.

9. Supplier Confirmation

Contact all your suppliers on your Checklist about 5 days before your move and confirm the changes and ensure that you have the right contact details for each supplier.

10. Check installed services are working before you Move

Before the move verify and confirm that the following services are working in the new Commercial?Office premises; Telephone lines. Fax lines, Internet connection, water, pantry. For security make sure of the door access system and that all lockable doors have new locks. Check the operation of emergency exists and window if appropriate.

11. Mover Meeting to go over the Checklist

Meet one last time with your Mover go over your Checklist and confirm the access arrangements at your old and new premises for trucks and Movers personnel. Make sure of a backup plan for a truck breakdown and for lift failure. Discuss the order of the shift, do they take equipment first or staff's boxes. Confirm the time to start on each site.

Move Day

Have people on both sites early to check that the Commercial/Office premises are open, the lifts are available and where trucks are allowed to park.
> Have people hang copies of the Layout Plan and Contact List so people can refer to them on both sites.

Provide refreshments at hand for your hard working staff
Use your checklist to measure the progress
Enjoy your Move

Post Move Day

Have a team to restore and close up your old office and hand back to the Landlord.

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